Evoq Intranet ابزاری کارامد برای راحتی کارکنان شما در شبکه های اینترانت داخلی شما

کنترل دسترسی ها و چرخه های کاری به منظور نیل به اهداف سازمانی

A governance model is comprised of roles, responsibilities and workflows. First, create your intranet’s user roles (e.g. by department, managerial role, etc.). Next, apply Evoq’s granular permissions to provide access rights to those roles. You can enable each department to update their section of the intranet, while restricting access to other areas. Workflow enables approvers to review changes before they’re published, allowing departments to instrument change and quality control.

Easy publishing tools to provide timely news and information to your entire organization.

With the pace of business today, it can be challenging to keep your organization up to date. Your intranet is the home base for your employees’ information needs. They’ll check it each day for breaking news, as well as for forms, press releases, and information on new hires and promotions. For timely publishing of information, your intranet CMS software can’t get in the way. Evoq’s easy, yet powerful publishing capabilities ensure that your intranet is always current and relevant.

ابزارهایی جهت مشارکت کارمندان به منظور افزایش اشتیاق آنها

Farewell, static intranet. You once served a purpose, but today’s employees want more than static pages. Today’s employees want enterprise social networks that help them find a subject matter expert to answer their question. They want collaboration tools that enable peer-to-peer communication. In short, they want a social intranet! Evoq Intranet is loaded with collaboration tools to deliver on the needs of today’s workers:

افزایش اشتیاق کارمندان با جریان سازی

Gamification uses concepts found in gameplay to drive user behavior. According to research from Aberdeen Group, organizations that deploy gamification improve engagement by 48% and decrease turnover by 36%. Using the gamification features in Evoq, you can incent users to take desired actions, increasing user engagement on your intranet.

نمایش پروفایل کارمندان بصورت نموداری و آماری به منظور افزایش ادراک و دانش آنها

Rich employee profiles are essential to an effective intranet. As your organization grows, it's harder to stay current on people's roles and responsibilities. In addition, it’s a challenge to find the subject matter experts on particular topics. Evoq's information-rich profiles help users discover and find employees who can answer a question or address a business need. In addition, the ability to friend and follow other users creates a better connected organization.

پورتال داخلی خود را متناسب با هر کاربر سفارشی سازی نمایید.

"One size fits all" intranets are dinosaurs (hint: they’re extinct). Why? Because what's relevant to Joe in Accounting doesn't interest Mary in Engineering. Evoq utilizes personalization to help you create meaningful experiences for each and every visitor. Create customized experiences based on department, role, geography or job level. Improve the relevance of your intranet and your employees will return time and again.

راهنمای کارمندان خود باشید تا بتوانند براحتی به مستندات مورد نیاز دسترسی پیدا کنند.

Most intranets are awash in a sea of documents. The likely culprit? A dysfunctional document management system. Evoq Intranet provides an easy-to-use, yet powerful document manager to store and organize your documents, files, videos and presentations. A well organized document repository combined with Evoq’s search feature means that employees will find the right documents when they need them.

We turn data into actionable insights for a better intranet.

We take a different approach to analytics. We don’t focus solely on metrics and charts. Our analytics provide actionable insights you can use to create a better intranet. We identify areas with low user engagement, highlight trending topics and surface the most active users. In the past, you’d look at the downward slope of a trend chart. Now you can do something about it.

Integrate third party systems to make your intranet the one stop shop it needs to be.

Evoq Intranet provides a wealth of built-in connectors to integrate third party systems used by your organization. From accessing your Microsoft SharePoint repository to managing Single Sign-On (SSO) via Active Directory, Evoq makes your intranet a one stop shop for employees’ every need.